Imagine your mouth as a theatre. The lips represent the curtains, the inside of the mouth the stage, and the teeth are the actors. For an aesthetically pleasing performance, all 3 areas need to work together. A gorgeous stage setting with poor acting and a shabby looking curtain will detract from the beauty of the experience. The same is true of your smile. The mouth, lips and teeth all have to work together to produce a pleasant smile. If any of the three are out of sync, the smile suffers. Today, a non-surgical smile lift can be performed to give patients a younger appearance by decreasing the appearance of wrinkles, making the lips look fuller, and perfecting the smile to make our guests look 10 years younger.

Our society today has become focused on full, beautiful lips and wrinkle free skin. The fashion models and actresses that we see today all seem to have porcelain smooth skin and full lips. Many treatments have been developed in plastic surgery, dermatology and permanent makeup to smooth the skin and enhance the size and shape of a person’s lips. Unfortunately, procedures like these can often take as long as 6-8 weeks, with multiple visits to the surgeon. The non-surgical smile lift can often be accomplished in just 1-2 visits. It is non-invasive; no cutting of the skin is necessary. Patients are back to their normal routine the very next day; there is zero recovery time. How can this be accomplished?

Building a beautiful house starts with a strong foundation. We have known for many years that the way the teeth are aligned in the mouth affects the appearance of the lower one third of the face, including the cheeks and lips. The loss of teeth can result in a change in the appearance of the lips or cheeks. This can include sinking of the lips, a hollow look in the cheeks, or wrinkling of the skin.

With the use of proper cosmetic dental procedures, these problems can be corrected. Using Porcelain Veneers to thicken the upper portion of a tooth can decrease laugh lines. Your cosmetic dentist can build out the upper third of the veneer which results in the facial area above the tooth being pushed out, resulting in a smoothing of the upper lip wrinkles. This in turn, gives the upper lip a fuller, more pouty look. By elongating the veneers, the mouth appears fuller, and longer teeth help to push out the lower lip, reducing wrinkles around it. When we widen the width of the back teeth, we are able to broaden the smile, which gives our guests a fuller, younger looking smile. Finally, by placing lighter, natural looking veneers over yellow, stained teeth, we brighten the face and create a more youthful appearance.

If you are considering some form of aesthetic surgery to make your lips fuller or get rid of wrinkles in the lower third of your face, speak to your cosmetic dentist first. It is very possible that enhancing your smile can give you the smoother face and full, sexy lips that you desire.